our morning ritual with nespresso


this post is in partnership with nespresso

i actually get asked a lot about my daily routine, maybe because we all have no idea what we’re doing, so it’s nice to hear about someone else’s routine too! when nespresso reached out about their new double espresso blends, i thought it’d be the perfect excuse to share our morning routine with you guys! Read More

baby / graphic design

baby on board stickers


you may have seen on instagram that i decided to design my own baby on board sticker — i hated all the options that were available so why not just make it myself! and because i went to the trouble of having it printed, i thought i should print out some extras for you guys too.  Read More

gift guide / mother's day

last minute mothers day gift guide


you know the drill! mother’s day is this weekend and i have a whole new perspective on the holiday. we’ve always celebrate my mom(s) typically with a homemade brunch and we’ve given her a small gift or flowers and a nice mushy card… but THIS YEAR IT’S MY TURN. you hear that mom?! MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY AS A MOTHER! i’m really hoping to be sitting back in a chair with arlo and gid fanning me and feeding me grapes but i guess we’ll see how it turns out.

anyway, if you forgot to get a gift for your mom or if you want to send a subtle suggestion to the gift givers in your life, here are a bunch of amazon prime options that will come in time.  Read More


blush floral bridal shower


really excited to share the bridal shower i hosted for my best friend nicole last week! it turned out so pretty and everyone that walked in basically gasped, not to toot my own horn or anything… her wedding this summer is pink and kitschy and kind of 70s, so i wanted to make the shower sort of a nod to that, but different, very pink but a little more bohemian 70s.

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arlo : 10 months


2 months shy of a year! so crazy how time has flown by. arlo is doing all sorts of new things this month. he is officially crawling on all fours and can get around way too fast, it’s definitely time to start baby proofing. i honestly can’t believe we got this photo because he did not want to lay down for it whatsoever.

he is still favoring the letter “B” but has now basically said mama! a very happy day for me.

he eats all soft finger foods now, and i can actually give him his own plate of food and he will mostly eat it (a good amount still does end up on his tray and clothes). he will try any food and pretty much eat whatever we give him. i’m still nursing but plan to start the weaning process this month and feel lots of feelings about it. i’m excited to take my sleeping pill again and stop wearing dumb nursing bras, but there is a part of me of that is nostalgic about it of course. he also drinks water now from his sippy cup! he picked it up in a few hours and we were gushing about what a genius he is. now we’re going to try to teach him to drink from a straw too.

he still waves to everyone, but now he can do it whenever we tell him, even when i say “can you wave?” it always wins over all the girls, and he knows for sure because he looks so proud the second he starts. he also shares now, sometimes puffs and sometimes toys, he will hold things up and hand them over or stick them in our mouths (before taking them back and smiling). it’s the best.


he’s in the 98% for height so i guess he’ll be a basketball player or runway model or getter of things from cabinets. we switched car seats to a big kid seat and i think he’s definitely more comfortable. he still cries during most of our car trips but i’m trying to keep him as entertained as i can back there. i know once we flip him around, he’ll find it way more fun… in like a year ugh.

he is still incredibly clingy. i can’t tell if it’s getting better or worse! it’s been so challenging because when we’re out with my mom or i have someone over, it would be so nice to hand him over to them for a minute to do something or go to the bathroom, but he just won’t let anyone hold him besides mom and dad without hysterically crying. i know it’s a phase, but it’s a tough one. i’ve also heard that i should reinforce that it’s ok and i’ll be back and let him cry, but like most moms i’m sure, i try to avoid his hysteria as much as i can. any tips you guys have would be so appreciated!

i can’t believe how few of these updates are left… i’m getting so sad! my baby is almost a toddler. WHAT?


25 chic one piece swimsuits


you know me, i was looking for a stylish one piece swimsuit, so i rounded up 25… while normally i am pretty frugal when it comes to clothes, i do think a nice swimsuit is a good investment.  Read More