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printable 2018 oscar ballots


woooo! oscar ballots! you may notice i really changed up the design this year — i feel like everyones printable ballots are really starting to blend together, so i wanted to do a redesign and make it feel a little more modern.  Read More

gift guide / valentines day

valentine’s day gift guide for her


one more v-day gift guide! this one is for your co-worker, mom, sister, friend — or for you to send to your significant other and be like “hey choose something from this list for me because she’s really good at curating gifts and anything on here would be good.” wow omg that is so nice thank you!!!

the prices range from high to low so that you can find something for any recipient, no matter how close you are or how inexpensive of a gift they gave you (who’s counting?) Read More

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galentine’s day


my girlfriends and i have been celebrating galentines for years — we just get together and eat and drink and wear pink and it’s always v low key, but this year i wanted to put together something special. special, AND THE MOST PINK. Read More


11 humidifiers that aren’t total eyesores


after arlo got his first cold and we had to do a steam for him in the bathroom to get everything out, i realized we should probably get a humidifier since this might not be the last time he gets an illness lol. so of course i started researching up the wazoo for the prettiest one that didn’t break the bank — some of these are much pricier than others, but there’s a good range from high to low.  Read More